Nativity Book

This is a book I have been thinking about for several years now, and truthfully, wasn’t quite sure how I was going to do it. I have been very frustrated with reading the scriptures on Christmas Eve, because I wanted to do the Nativity, but nobody wants to wait while you find it and also while you flip back and forth between Luke and Matthew. My kids are getting older and they don’t want to dress up anymore, either. A friend of mine, Caroline, (her blog is ) who does some amazing books, had the idea to use canvases for the front and back cover, so that is what you see here. The interior pages are simply chipboard covered in cardstock on each side. The binding is accordian style and glued in place. It is a very sturdy book, and we actually used it on Christmas Eve to read the Nativity from. The scriptures are copied right off the online scriptures of the King James version of the Bible off of In addition to that, there is info. on the wise men, the magi, angels, and all the names that Christ goes by with scripture references, as well as some other interesting details. It really is a keepsake. I am thinking about making it for gifts for my family next year. We will see how energetic I am feeling.


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