Bottle cap charms

This is the second option we are doing at our girls camp this year. We are tying these bottle cap charms onto a chinese cord necklace and every year the girls can add to it, if they want. Or they can take this and attach it to their keychain or their scripture bag. Some of the older girls may not want to have jewelry like that, so there are other options. And it works out to being so inexpensive. The little alphabet letters were run through the printer on shrinky dink paper and then shrunk down and how cute they are. The sayings on the bottle caps were also printed on the printer, put into the bottle cap and then covered with crystal laquer. We punched holes into the bottle cap with the crop-a-dile. That thing punches through anything! Awesome.



  1. beckaboots said

    ok I totally want the power one! and look, it even has my first initial on it (r)! haha I will have to come over and you can show me how to make one!

  2. beckaboots said

    oh I guess it says "K"… either way, super cute!

  3. i really like these. my boys (11 and 10) love to make badges with bottle caps and it would be fun to do something like this for them. btw, i'm bekah's sister-in-law through her brother. she told me to come here for crafts.

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