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Easter Grass

My sister-in-law & I decided to grow some wheat grass in some tea cups for the easter centerpiece this year. Super simple. Just fill your desired container with some potting soil. If you have 2 weeks or more, you may simply plant some spring or soft white wheat into the solid and keep moist until sprouted. It is also beneficial to keep covered with plastic wrap so the moisture will stay in the soil, thereby allowing the wheat to sprout faster. If you don’t have 2 weeks, but only a week, you can soak the wheat over night in some water. The next morning, plant as previously described. These grasses grew like this in about 5 to 6 days. I was actually out of town and came back to them all grown. Lovely!! Can’t wait to put some little eggs in them!


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I found this idea on & love it! I would love to make this with my girls. It is just a scrabble tile! This is a great link with a tutorial on how to make them.

Love it!

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For Christmas my sister-in-law came over and we made this earring/jewelry board for her daughter Kaylani. It is simply molding that is crafted into a picture frame with mesh glued into

the back and knobs on the bottom for necklaces and such. You could hold a lot of earrings on this board! Super cute!

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Jean Wallet

This is a little wallet we are planning for the craft at our stake girls camp. It is simply cut from an old used pair of jeans. Measurements are: 7″ x 7″. For instructions, email me. It is fairly simple and works out to be so cheap. under $1.00 per wallet, depending on what you do to embellish it. And it can look so different depending on how it’s done, as you can see in the pictures. The ones above, were done by a friend of mine. Super cute.

We are giving the girls a quarter sheet of images printed on fabric that we ran through our printer before hand. This can be adhered using permanent fabric glue. They can also use stamps with the alphabet to add their initial. Easy. I also discovered that using torn fabric in a strip is so much cheaper than ribbon, and you can change it to distressed with ink. One other perk is that is useful. And all year long, when they use their wallet it will remind them of girls camp. Love that!

My 15 year old daughter made this one for her friend:

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