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Some Awesome Pics

So, a couple of days ago, I was over at my friend, Jeannine’s house & she asked if I wanted to see a project her son, Devon, had finished this summer. His project was to make his little brothers & sisters a playhouse. He had come over at one point to borrow a certain saw to cut an angle for the eaves, so I had known about it. I have to admit, it is pretty great!
He even made the stained wood floors look uneven to look like they are old! There are old strap hinges for the door with an automatic closing spring installed on it. I love that he has it up on a few blocks so that it won’t have water damage either. The roof is galvanized tin & apparently they love it, because it is christened inside with their names in chalk on one wall! I think he did an amazing job. What do you think?

The following pic is one of their chicken coop that he built last year. I especially like the watering system they have. I don’t have one nearly as nice, and I have plans to install one like it in my coop for my little birdies.
As you can see, on the left of the picture, outside the chicken coop, is a 5 gallon bucket. What you cannot see, is that it has a lid with a screw top cover so you can easily fill with water, or put a frozen water bottle in there to keep the water cold. We all know that chickens do not like their water too hot, and here in Arizona, it definitely is HOT. Anyway, on the side of the bucket, near the bottom Devon drilled a hole large enough to insert a PVC pipe into it. The point that the PVC goes into the bucket is then sealed with a plumbing putty, or water tight glue. The PVC pipe then has an elbow attached to another longer piece of PVC pipe about 2 1/2 feet long with an end on it. This piece is the piece with 3 nipples on it. These the chickens go up and peck. As they peck, water comes out. No more shavings or dirt in the water! YAY! I love it! One thing they did say they would do a little different is to raise the bucket up higher to increase the water pressure as it comes out.
This is the link to purchase the nipples online. My friend Jeannine bought them at Farmtek.


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