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Simple Nativity

October & November flew by! I can hardly believe it is December 1st! Nonethless, the Christmas season definitely is in full swing. We recently, and by recently, I mean yesterday, finished 27 sets of these little beauties!

The free pattern came from Melinda over at Under My Polka Dot Umbrella. Here is the link for the pattern :

It is a pretty simple pattern and we went ahead and just stained them, since we had so many to do…27 sets x 12 pieces each is a whopping 324 pieces we traced, cut, stained and individually wrapped so the girls we gave them to could open a piece every night for a “12 day of Christmas” experience.
We gave the girls cards that went along with it to read every night. Here is the link to the cards we gave away.

The artwork we used came from one of my favorite sites:
and is titled Noche de Paz Cards. Love them.
The daily quotes came from a great little book “52 Weeks of Fun Family Service” by Merrilee Boyack. It is available at

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