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August in the Garden


I saw an idea somewhere where they had put dried sunflower heads on a topiary for a fall arrangement and thought it looked pretty awesome. Since I still have some small size sunflowers hanging on, I decided this would be awesome to try for fall, as I can hardly wait for it to cool off and I am pretty sure the garden feels the same, as it’s supposed to be 112 degrees today.


This little melon is called “Sakata’s Sweet” from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds at and is listed as an asian melon & actually is known as Japanese. It’s leaves are somewhat smaller than a traditional american melon, so far anyway, and as I have never grown this, but thought is looked interesting based on the description in the Baker Creek catalogue, I hope it bears fruit, because I would definately like to taste it. According to the catalogue, the author of Melons for the Passionate Grower, Dr. Amy Goldman, recommends this particular variety. I haven’t read her book, but would like to browse through it the next time I am at the bookstore.


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