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So today…

I went out into the garden and was watering and looking around. I was actually pretty much just putzing around out there with the excuse of watering, and I found a watermelon (sun, moon & stars variety)  and 2 canteloupes (hearts of gold variety)! So exciting. They are, of course, still very small, and have a long way to go, but they are there. I can’t wait to watch them grow! The plants have been vining all over the place and last year by this time, I had a large watermelon. It has been kind of a strange year. I am assuming that because last year was so much warmer, the plants grew a little faster than this year. I also am trying a new variety this year…”NC Giant”. (I found the seed packet at the local feed store while I was picking up some hay for my daughter’s horse.) It is reputed to be known for it’s record weights, with a sweet taste. It has just begun vining so it will also be a while before I see anything on it.

I am expecting a delivery of planters tomorrow for my front and back porch. I have some by my front door and about a month ago, we had a very strange kind of liquid seeping from it. We couldn’t quite figure out what it was and then my landscaper who owns “Landcraft” (and they are AWESOME) and has been working on my pool/barbeque area, tasted it for me. We determined that it was honey and that night, my husband discovered a hive on the second story of our home that had begun dripping honey down through the wall and onto the front porch, coming out under the pot.


You can just see it there under the eaves. We had an exterminator come out, who said that they were “africanized”, as they had attacked them while they were up there, and that they had been there a while. In which case, we would probably have honey dripping off our house for a month or so. Well, they were right. However, the honey did something to the pots at my door, and now they smell like something has rotted in them. So, needless to say, I have to get something else, and that something else, is coming tomorrow. I purchased some square concrete ones and am going to just change everything out into them. I will post pictures when they are completed. The only down side to the whole thing, is that I have noticed a dramatic difference in the amount of bees out in my garden doing their little work. It’s always something, isn’t it?

Blanket Flower

Blanket Flower

So, I found this little perrenial, Blanket Flower, at the local hardware store’s nursery and remembered seeing it in my aunt and uncle’s yard down in Tucson. Love it! It is such a pretty color! I have it growing right now by my fountain in my front yard, and it is doing ok, surprisingly enough, in a little pot.

I have some tentative plans to clear a little space by the paver walkway that is leading into the entrance to my garden for my zinnia seeds in the early am. Early because it is so stinking hot, otherwise! And of course, it isn’t summer without the zinnas. And they grow like weeds. My mom has some that are doing great and only a couple inches high so far in her front flower beds and one has even started to bloom!

So, until tomorrow…the garden awaits.


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Back in the Garden Again


So, this weekend I finally had some energy and desire to go out and work in the garden. Guess what I found? Some of my broccoli had gone to seed and was covered in bees (which is a good thing) and there were the first little shoots of asparagus coming up. All that work of putting in that bed of asparagus last year is finally going to pay off. I was so excited. I also had lettuce, a cabbage, and some spinach ready to pick. It took me all afternoon, but I did make a big dent in getting the rest of the beds ready for planting and even managed to plant 26 tomato plants and some zucchini seeds as well as cukes (armenian and pickling). I hope to make lots of my sister’s MIL’s pickles this year. Last year I made them and I only have 2 jars left. It’s a good thing I hid them from Alyssa because she would be sure to eat them if she knew. Tomorrow I am going to haul off all the bags and fold up the shades that I had just piled to the side, making a big mess. The chickens are doing great, laying 1-2 eggs a day, which is wonderful. I am on the hunt for a couple more bantams, though. Rylan and I went all over looking for some yesterday, but all we could find were leghorns. Bummer.

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