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Our New Etsy Shop, Beyond Words Boutique, Is Open!

ImageThis morning out walking with my husband, we looked over and saw the most beautiful sunrise reflected off the pond. In only minutes all the pink had gone. So BEAUTIFUL! Loved it! 


My daughters and I spent yesterday afternoon getting our etsy shop, Beyond Words Boutique, ready to open. Haylee has been working on earrings and we got those photographed and listed. You can see them here <;. Check it out when you have time! 



Burlap stocking with cuff


Burlap stocking with ruffle

So my fabulous daughter, Alyssa, works for The Tomkat Studio which you can see here <;. The owner wanted some burlap stockings to put in her shop, so that’s what I’ve been working on for the past week or so. These babies are padded and lined so the burlap will not shed as it is prone to do. They should be up for sale in her shop soon!

On a side note, the garden is just starting to look good. The broccoli is growing and I noticed this am that there are a few little tomatoes growing. Yay!! I do have some lettuce almost ready to harvest and tomorrow I will post a pic of the addition on the chicken coop. I have yet to get new chickens but hopefully soon!

Happy Gardening & Crafting!!



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