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Back in the Garden Again


So, this weekend I finally had some energy and desire to go out and work in the garden. Guess what I found? Some of my broccoli had gone to seed and was covered in bees (which is a good thing) and there were the first little shoots of asparagus coming up. All that work of putting in that bed of asparagus last year is finally going to pay off. I was so excited. I also had lettuce, a cabbage, and some spinach ready to pick. It took me all afternoon, but I did make a big dent in getting the rest of the beds ready for planting and even managed to plant 26 tomato plants and some zucchini seeds as well as cukes (armenian and pickling). I hope to make lots of my sister’s MIL’s pickles this year. Last year I made them and I only have 2 jars left. It’s a good thing I hid them from Alyssa because she would be sure to eat them if she knew. Tomorrow I am going to haul off all the bags and fold up the shades that I had just piled to the side, making a big mess. The chickens are doing great, laying 1-2 eggs a day, which is wonderful. I am on the hunt for a couple more bantams, though. Rylan and I went all over looking for some yesterday, but all we could find were leghorns. Bummer.


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